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Aldo Grazzi, Loop, 2018, Intertwined plastic beads, 74 × 49 cm each | Courtesy Marignana Arte

Marignana Arte hosts the second solo exhibition of Aldo Grazzi (born in 1954), an artist with a captivating and multifaceted career, who has distinguished himself in recent decades for a constant creative impulse, typical of a rebel capable of placing the complex relationship between reality, dream and search for freedom. The first of the works on display, entitled Uscito Senza Scopo Nella Nebbia (Exit Without Purpose In The Fog), is a direct invitation to question any form of purposeless utilitarianism, just like the art of weaving beads, a reiterated gesture, which represents an ideal art once to the rejection of any form of conformity. Grazzi's inspiration comes from the charm of Masai art jewels, evolving into an exhibition itinerary from which sarcasm and irreverent irony also gradually emerge, expressed in the constant experimentation of the artistic languages used.

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