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Authentic Real Bodies. Leonardo da Vinci

Authentic Real Bodies. Leonardo da Vinci, Anatomical works from drawings by Leonardo da Vinci, Fetus in the Womb | Courtesy of Palazzo Zaguri, Venice

The world premiere exhibition at Palazzo Zaguri looks at the immense legacy of Leonardo da Vinci from a completely new angle, focusing on the profound research that the Renaissance genius dedicated to human anatomy. A first absolute occasion in which the famous drawings on the anatomy of the human body of Leonardo become reality, thanks to an accurate teamwork that combines precise reproductions of the most significant drawings of the Master to anatomical findings obtained by the technique of plastination. A multi-year research work that has involved doctors, historians and art historians, allowing today's observer to embark on a real journey through time. With deep appreciation, respect and gratitude for those who have donated their bodies to the Science, Venice Exhibition, in the desire to dedicate the exhibition Authentic Human Bodies. Leonardo da Vinci to the history of anatomy, compares the world of Leonardo, at the beginning of Science, with the most refined techniques of investigation and study of the human body in use in the present.

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