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Andrea Hamilton, Chroma Grid 32 × 32, After Richter, Collage from the Library of Sea Colour, 2019

CANVAS INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR 2022, international exhibition of photography, painting, video art, installation / sculpture and performance art, is a project by ITSLIQUID Group in collaboration with Venice Events and EGO 'Boutique Hotel, located between the venues of THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space and ITSLIQUID ART SPACE - Venice Grand Canal. The review consists of 3 main sections: THE SKIN PROJECT, OUT OF BALANCE and MIXING IDENTITIES. The word "canvas" was first used in Italy in the 14th century and has become the most popular medium for oil painting, replacing wooden panels. Over the centuries the meaning of the canvas has changed, starting from paintings, through photographic and cinematographic film, exploring the human body, up to the digital world. The canvas is the commune of creatives, on which they can express themselves. CANVAS is an invitation to all artists to share their personal artistic research through all types of media, from painting to sculpture, from installation to photography, from video art to live performance.

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