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Cen Long’s paintings messengers of Hope

Cen Long, Kinsfolk, 2022 | Courtesy Cen Long

Cen Long is considered by Chinese intellectuals to be the most prestigious artist in the country, due to the philosophical implications of his art, which in this Venetian exhibition represents a precious opportunity for reflection on the universal theme of hope. The exhibition, promoted by the Crux Art Foundation and already hosted at the Accademia Delle Arti del Disegno in Florence, constitutes the second stage of the Italian Cen Long Tour, as well as its largest exhibition ever held in Italy. The common thread of the exhibition project entitled Cen Long. Sowing Hope follows a pictorial reflection on the concept of Hope, evoking the absolute power of Love through metaphysical and conceptual narratives. The works on display, characterized by a simple but at the same time sophisticated pictorial style, are capable of generating authentic and profound feelings and leaving a memory, touching the heart thanks to the strength of an archetype common to the different traditions and religions of all times. In the faces of his painted figures Cen Long portrays a sort of secular Hope, which, in the current global context, does not symbolize the extreme utopian possibility of salvation but the first indispensable shared feeling for the start of a planetary change based on the concept of humanity.

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