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Cosmografie. Quarantenam 2020

Silvio Pasqualini, Cosmografie. Quarentenam 2020, Mixed media on canvas paper, 140 x 100 cm, Venice 2020

Silvio Pasqualini's solo show presents works created during the months of March and April 2020 and is made up of three medium-large and four medium-small lined papers, accompanied by a critical text by Annarita Rossi. The incorrect Latinized expression in the title Cosmographies. Quarantenam 2020, intended as a license and allusion to the shouts and dynamics of the seventeenth-century plague narrated by Alessandro Manzoni, introduces the artist's ability to perceive epoch-making changes deeply and well in advance and refers to the role of Art during similar historical experiences.

  1. Keywords: contemporary art, venice,, silvio pasqualini, spazio silvio pasqualini, mostre 2020, art and history