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Flower Obsession

Gabrielle Bill, Tresco Flowers, 2022,  90 × 90 cm

Painting, video art, installations, sculptures return the eternal, ephemeral succession of the unfolding and imploding of flowers, which through the most disparate expressive languages ​​embody a real obsession among artists of all time. The Stefania Carrozzini Gallery in Venice hosts a new edition of the Flower Obsession exhibition, already presented in Milan at MyMicroGallery and composed by eighteen artists of different nationalities and means of expression, including photography, painting, installation and collage. There are different approaches to the theme, but all the artists place the observer in a physical and mental space centered on the flower intended as a natural mandala that symbolically represents the wheel and the eternal movement of the cosmos that guides everything. The hermaphroditic nature of flowers, which has become an emblem of the union of opposites in the process of self-realization, expresses a symbolic force that has inspired many artists. Over time, from a simple detail the flower has become the absolute protagonist starting with the painter Hans Memling up to his consecration with Caravaggio, to then arrive at the all-encompassing dimension of photography.

  1. Keywords: venice,, nozio business, flowers, stefania carrozzini gallery