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Historical complex of Tolentini

The entrance of the University of Venice Photo: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra via Flickr

The overall project of the church and convent was commissioned by Vincenzo Tamoini to the Teatini fathers, who worked on it from 1591 to 1599, the complex was then completed by the Teatini themselves in 1602. Closed for the Napoleonic laws in 1810, over the centuries the convent has fulfilled the most varied uses: barracks, military district, private space or accommodation during natural emergencies, until in 1958 it was given in concession to the Iuav (formerly Institute University of Architecture of Venice, then University of Venice) of which it currently houses the headquarters. The image that now reaches the visitor's eyes is the result of subsequent architectural interventions dating back over the past seventy years, of which the most relevant is the project by Carlo Scarpa, who still connotes the entrance to the faculty.

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