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Nüshu: The Writing That Freed Women

Hu Yuanyu, The Sisters Who Comb Their Hair, Singing, Ink on paper

Historically, nüshu found space in the daily life of daughters, mothers, sisters, friends: illiterate, because they were considered unworthy of receiving an education, according to the male chauvinist and patriarchal society of Imperial China. An elegant and refined writing that is, at the same time, the symbol of women's suffering experienced within a system that deprived them of a voice, but not the will to communicate, to have their own space, and handed down in some villages of Jiangyong County (Hunan, south-central China), where it is still practiced today. The exhibition presents a dialogue between original works, created by one of the youngest and most appreciated heirs of this tradition, Hu Yuanyu, coming from the nüshu places, alongside the interpretations made by Giulia Falcini who with Hu Yuanyu, was able to study, deepen and practice this writing.

  1. Keywords: art, writing, d3082 domus civica, nüshu, giulia falcini, hu yuanyu