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Patrizia Fratus. EUTOPIA – Poteressere

Patrizia Fratus, Manifestaazione 3, 2020, Woven fabric, wood, 100 x 70 cm | Courtesy of Patrizia Fratus

The exhibition constitutes a new piece of the relational art project that Patrizia Fratus has been carrying out for years through an investigation into art as an "instrument of intellectual and empirical experimentation, of awareness, self-sufficiency and self-determination. Necessary means for a healthy, feminine and human emancipation". The tapestries of the Bergamo artist are the result of traditional gestures and techniques, which starting from scraps of textile material patiently knotted, collected in skeins, woven into a new organic plot, give life to forms and fragments of stories populated by mythical figures, primordial symbols, images handed down by the Western iconographic heritage that define the value of an identity process. In the space of D3082, three women residing in a welcome house in the Brescia area, become protagonists with their portraits, together with a new vision of themselves, the transformation into something different, positive, born from the rubble.

  1. Keywords: patrizia fratus, exhibitions,, women, domus civica, d3082, relational art