Happy Birthday Venezia ! 1600 years (421-2021)

2021 marks the 1600th Birthday of the City of Venice and why not taking the opportunity to immerge yourself in a private guided tour lasting 1 hour during which you’ll be taught of the very essential timeline which started back in 421 and is still living…..
A fully outdoor walking tour starting from the hotel and taking you around discovering the history of Venezia !

Offer includes:

  • 1 Hour outdoor walking-guided tour:
    • The starting time must be organised before or upon arrival together with the concierge staff upon availability
    • Tour is valid for a maximum of 4 persons children included (more people can be added but need to be organised together with the concierge staff)
    • Tour MUST be confirmed with date and time ONLY by mail by our concierge staff
    • In case of bad weather conditions (rain, snow, wind) the tour is to be considered confirmed
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Wi-fi access
  • A morning one-way tour to a Murano Glass factory
  • 16% off Bar Drinks and Snacks from 1600 hrs for one hour
  • Fruit-basket on arrival
  • Mini Bottle of Champaign to toast to Venezia Birthday !!!