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NET | Mandy Barker & CNR – Institute of Marine Sciences, Venice

Mandy Barker, 33.15N, 151.15E

The evocative shots of the British photographer Mandy Barker together with the work of a research team of the Institute of Marine Sciences, CNR - National Research Council tell an idea that sees women at the forefront of the mission of spreading the practice of transforming materials recovered from the seas as a resource for a greater economic, environmental and social benefit. In her photographs Mandy Barker testifies to the unnatural journey of marine plastic waste, visionary scenarios of the invasion of debris in the oceans. At first sight harmonious images, which become disturbing once the theme is focused. Her work with a strong emotional impact amplifies the value of the marGnet project coordinated by the CNR Research Institute - Institute of Marine Sciences of Venice, and developed in collaboration with Laguna Project s.n.c, Blue World Institute, Sintol S.r.l., Techeprojects S.r.l.s.

  1. Keywords: photography, art, mandy barker, science, exhibitions 2020-2021, d3082 | woman art venice, institute of marine sciences, cnr - national research council, margnet