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Ivana Galli. Fundamenta 187

Ivana Galli, Fundamenta 187, Dettaglio

In memory of the dramatic high tide that swept Venice on November 12, 2019, reaching 187 cm, Ivana Galli dwells on the loss by many Venetian bookstores of hundreds, perhaps thousands of volumes. The work Fundamenta 187, previewed at the Spazio Thetis at the Arsenale Novissimo in Venice in September 2020, comes from a careful and meticulous observation, which, thanks to the numerous donations from institutions and individuals, has been able to compose a monument to culture through six columns of books, emblem of knowledge, solid basis of culture that stand out towards the sky and symbolically continue to support the lagoon city.

  1. Keywords: art, ivana galli, venice 2020, spazio thetis, arsenale novissimo, aqua granda