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Whatever Whenever

Lucio Spinozzi, Disorientale, 2012-2019, Mystic technique on a North African wood sheet, 40 x 50 cm | © Lucio Spinozzi

According to the curator, the artist and gallery owner Claudio Ruggieri, Wathever Whenever is a combinatorial exhibition, an alternative and more meaningful term of "collective", as it refers by definition to the combinatorial narrative of Queneau, Perec and Calvino and above all to the complex vision of the combination codified by Umberto Eco, author of the concept of "combinatorics of creativity". And it is inspired by the definition given by the great Italian writer to creativity as an "unprecedented combinatorial of pre-existing elements", for which the work of art or scientific theory or the stage of human evolution appear as one among the millions of billions of possibilities in which the elements present in the world and in the mind can be combined together, which Ruggieri has called twenty-five artists with multiple and disparate aptitudes to each present a freely chosen work, placing it in dialogue with the other works on display to stop and show just one among the billions of possible combinations.

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